How urban planning in Bucharest changed from a western vision of functional housing to a sabotage of the city
Bucharest, Romania
What happened to the ideal Modernist city on the edge of Bucharest
Bucharest, Romania
Five years after Turkey’s last major protests, three friends still face jail on terror-related charges
Turkey, Greece, Ukraine
Capturing Romania after dark
Maramures, Constanta, Bucharest, Cluj
Inside the world of Turkey’s hardline president and his last grab for power
Ankara, Turkey
Consulting giant Accenture promoted software showing how to boost prices of design-protected car parts
USA, France, Romania
Ex-lawyer''s role in stories attacking Romanians in The Sun and Sky News, the truth of which are under question
Birmingham, Jeica
Ghost mansions are appearing across the fields of north Romania - built by emigrants hoping to return to a better home
Suceava, Maramures, Romania
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